Using White Conductors as Ungrounded Conductors

In the National Electric Code NEC 310-12(c) it states the following: “(c) Ungrounded Conductors. Conductors that are intended for use as ungrounded conductors, whether used as single conductors or in multiconductor cables, shall be finished to be clearly distinguishable from grounded and grounding conductors. Ungrounded conductors shall be distinguished by colors other than white, natural gray, or green; or by a combination of color plus distinguishing marking.”

This is why Amarillo Area Home Inspections calls out as deficient white conductors used as “hot” conductors in a panel box. While this may not seem like much as a deficiency, if someone is working on that circuit and is unaware that that white conductor is being used as a “hot” conductor, they could be in for a shocking experience.

At Amarillo Area Home Inspections we are concerned about your safety and the safety of your home. You’re not just buying an inspection. You’re buying peace of mind!

Joshua Dixon
Professional Home Inspector
TREC Lic. 25480

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